The North West Improvement & Efficiency Partnership (NWIEP) closed on 31st March 2012. This is an arhive copy for reference and information

However, many regional activities will continue with the organisations as listed below.


Climate Change: CLASP

Efficiency: iNetwork

Improvement: North West Employers

The North West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership provides the north west public sector with a major body of support to enable them to broaden their improvements and efficiency horizons and benefit their communities.

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Demystifying Commissioning for Senior Leadership Teams


A half-day 'Demystifying Commissioning' seminar aimed at senior leadership teams


Welcome from the Member Chair, Councillor Peter Goldsworthy of Chorley Borough Council:

"The vision for the North West Improvement and Efficiency Partnership is to lead the ambition, foster the innovation and share best practice to support the public sector in delivering better outcomes for their communities. In doing so, we will establish the North West's reputation as an innovator within the national improvement and efficiency agenda."

Welcome from the Officer Chair, Joyce Redfearn of Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council:

"The North West faces its greatest challenge in decades, not least as a result of the recent and dramatic turn of economic and political events. The economic situation has highlighted the importance of other issues, such as the changing nature of our communities and neighbourhoods, the need for better partnership working and increased efficiency as well as pressing environmental considerations and the relative health of our population compared to other parts of the country."

Latest News

September 20th 2011

Building on Success

Are you equipped for the future? The NWIEP has published its offer document outlining how the transitional funding for 2011-12 has been allocated – and, more importantly, how it is being used to support councils in their drive to boost efficiency and improvement performance in the current climate. The funding is being managed and delivered through the NW Efficiency Network and the NW Improvement Network. Click here to read the document and see how the Networks can support you.

September 20th 2011

NW Networks Newsletter

The NWIEP Transition Programme has issued its first edition of the Networks News. We'll be keeping you updated every month, via the Networks News, with news of the work of the NWIEP which is being continued by the NW Efficiency Network and the NW Improvement Network.

September 7th 2011

North West Improvement & Efficiency 2008 / 11

NWIEP has now completed its three year programme and is in the process of transferring its work back into the sector. This will signal the end of the successful life of the NWIEP. It is expected to be completed by March 2012.

July 13th 2011

Framework to save £3M revealed

THE new framework for the supply of interims and consultants which can save north west councils up to £3M a year has been revealed at Rochdale Town Hall.

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